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Wang yanbo has been hired as an expert in China diandian expert database

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On November 19, 2015, the working meeting of the expert committee of China starch industry association was held in the beautiful coastal city of dalian. The meeting announced the establishment of expert committee of China starch industry association! This is a new milestone for China's starch industry.

The special committee also established expert database, and 25 people, including wang yanbo, chairman of our company, were hired as technologists.Zhao xuesong and other 14 people hired as quality testing and control experts;Wang yan and other 12 people hired as safety and environmental protection and energy conservation experts; Hao zhankui and other 15 people hired as mechanical equipment experts.

The establishment of the expert committee has four meanings: first, it will play an important role in the adjustment of industrial structure, transformation and upgrading, energy conservation, environmental protection and green health development of China's starch industry. Second, the expert committee was set up in the Nick of the starch industry long-term accumulated many problems, such as unreasonable industrial structure, extensive growth mode, energy saving, environmental protection, such as pressure depends on experts play to intelligence, talent; Thirdly, the expert committee is the support of the important decision-making of the association, which is an important force of industry operation and management and an important platform for academic exchanges. Future work on review, consultation and service will be carried out.Fourthly, experts should analyze and study the problems of hot spots to solve the difficulties faced by the industry.



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