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The 10th Shanghai international starch and starch derivative exhibition of 2015

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The Shanghai international starch and starch derivative exhibition, which was first successfully held in Shanghai in 2006, has been going on for eight years with the development of China's starch industry. As the only specialized exhibition in the field of starch and starch processing directly organized by China starch industry association, the popularity and influence of the industry are constantly improving. Industry insiders have seen it as the best platform for "understanding industry information, grasping market dynamics, demonstrating corporate brands, expanding trade channels and seeking opportunities for cooperation". At present, it has become the most authoritative and professional exhibition in Asia, with over 400 enterprises from 30 countries and regions. Show more than 20000 people in the industry at home and abroad present today's innovative products in the field of starch and starch production, processing and cutting edge technology, in order to meet the steady growth of the world's starch consumption, and put forward the new demand of starch processing industry.

I'm chairman of the board of directors of the company in yan-bo wang, general manager Gao Huimin, international manager Chen Yuxin attended the exhibition, and through the exhibition to communicate with people in the industry, to show our company to the new and old customers the latest products and advanced technology and thoughtful after-sales service。 Wang yanbo, chairman of the company, was invited to make a report at the technical exchange conference, and gave a detailed introduction to the large-scale potato starch processing equipment。

Through the exhibition affirmed the essence of zhengzhou industrial co., LTD. In the same industry leading position, more strengthened my company with the domestic and foreign exchange, in order to make the company's products, technology in the leading edge and better meet customer demand laid a solid foundation.

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