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Scope of application

According to the material in the form of distribution rising membrane, falling film and the circulation, according to the number of combinations is divided into single effect, double-effect, three-way, four-way and multiple effect evaporator, evaporation and concentration, in a vacuum, low temperature conditions with high evaporation capacity, low energy consumption, low operating cost, and can maximally keep the original materials color, aroma, taste and effective components. This equipment widely used in milk, glucose, oligosaccharides, sorbitol, fruit and vegetable juice, and the concentration of the aqueous solution, such as in food processing, pharmaceutical, food processing, beverage, light industry, environmental protection, chemical industry and so on many evaporation and concentration in aqueous and organic solvent solution has been widely applied.

System composition

Equipment by the evaporator, the effect separator, condenser, hot pressing, vacuum pump and drainage system, the effect of material liquid pump and operation platform, electrical instrumentation control cabinet, valves and piping system.

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